Sephora Play July 2016

Sephora Play July 2016Sephora Play July 2016
Ouai Wave Spray / NEST Citrine / Smashbox Photo Finish Primer /
Benefit Dew the Hoola / First Aid Beauty Cleanser /
not pictured because I am an ass beautyblender Blotterazzi

Ouai Wave Spray

I’ve been seeing Ouai products buzzed about, but I knew (know, really) nothing about the brand. This wave spray claims to add texture by encouraging the hair to fall into a wave pattern. So far, I have used it twice each on damp and dry hair (four times, total). I’m not impressed, unfortunately; the spray did nothing my hair does not do anyway.

Beyond that, it is quite fragranced; in small doses, its fine. Pleasant, even. As much as my hair requires (read: not a small dose), however, is entirely too much. On top of that, the fragrance isn’t for everyone.

>> Have you tried it? Did you have better luck than I did? I think it could do more for hair that is already prone to waves and curls, but…alas, not me.

NEST Citrine

Again with the fragrances – fragrance is so personal, I have difficulty reviewing it. I wouldn’t purchase Citrine, but I don’t hate it. It will come live in my desk at my office for days I forget fragrance (and want to wear something).

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

Who hasn’t tried this primer? I’m not going to wax poetic about it – it’s the standard Photo Finish primer. I’m not bummed by it being here because I can always make use of tiny sample sizes. They’re great for travel, of course, for an emergency desk stash, or to pass along to a friend in need.

That said, I wouldn’t ever buy this full-sized. This anti-chafe gel is a far more affordable dupe (very similar ingredients and feel), even if it is a bit odd to keep in a makeup kit. It’s cheaper at the drugstore, even, than Amazon. The specialty versions, however, with color correction? I would consider those!

Benefit Dew the Hoola

I was skeptical of Dew the Hoola when I saw it in the lineup before I received my box. I’m just figuring out how to contour and bronze in a way that works for me. A liquid (not cream, liquid) product does not really fit into what I’ve figured out. I pumped a little out and the initial product looks quite orange…like 2/3 of other contour products, lately.

Blended out, it was patchy and, alas, orangey. My experience is corroborated by the three-star average (ouch) reviews on Some say it is, “Completely orange, blotchy, and looks absolutely horrible overall,” and comparing it to the complexion of a certain infamous presidential candidate. Another said it was, “unblendable garbage.” I see why.

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

Another fragrance-free cleanser? Sign me up! I’m not diving in face-first to try the First Aid Beauty Cleanser quite yet because I desperately needed to get back to (and stay with) the basics for a while. I’m optimistic that this won’t wreak havoc on my face, however; First Aid has a good reputation for being gentle, and this cleanser’s ingredient list isn’t crazy. Thankfully, the reviews are entirely unlike the previous item on this list. That’s at least some reassurance that it won’t suck when I do get around to using it.

beautyblender Blotterazzi

I railed pretty hard against this thin blotting sponge last year. I caught some flak for sharing my opinion on its frivolity without having tried it. I simply wasn’t willing to spend that kind of money on what is essentially scrap beautyblender material. As I don’t advocate abusing return policies just to, “try,” something, I wasn’t going to. Fortunately, I now have a beautyblender blotterazzi to test. Unfortunately, I keep forgetting to use it but it is in my purse, ready to go when the opportunity rises.

What did you love in this month’s Sephora Play! box?

2 thoughts on “Sephora Play July 2016”

  1. I don’t have sephora play, but I got a sample of Dew the Hoola and I was disappointed too! but it wasn’t blotchy for me- it was invisible! no change! and I’m not that dark. pale ish Asian. I gave it to my paper pale friend.

    • Yeah, they really missed the mark with it. On the other hand, I hear the original powder Hoola bronzer is lovely!

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