Skip This: Sonia Kashuk Ombre Obsessed Brush Set

Unless you’re in need of a whole set and can compromise on quality, I’m generally against buying limited edition holiday brush sets. Even MAC has been known to sacrifice quality in their LE sets.

Currently, my favorite angled-bristle liner brush comes from Sonia Kashuk. The Target-exclusive, upper-tier-drugstore-price-point brand has a lot of solid contenders, both tool and product wise. They come out with limited edition sets from time to time, but this one, the Sonia Kashuk Ombre Obsessed Brush set, is a doozie.

Sonia Kashuk Ombre Obsessed Brush Set

The handles do look cool, but one does not buy brushes merely to marvel at the handles. Dye (especially red!) + brush bristles (or sponges!) = …you’re gonna have a bad time. Just ask the folks unfortunate enough to reach for the limited-edition red beautyblender.

And I love the beautyblender, but that was a miss.

At best, you’re looking at some bleeding while washing. Eek. At worst, you’re looking at a compromised application. Unfortunately, the reviews suggest they shed like crazy, too.

The $28, seven-piece Sonia Kashuk Ombre Obsessed Brush Set set features:

  • A Stippling brush
  • A Dense Facial Blending/Powder brush
  • A Pointed Concealer brush
  • A Small Shadow brush
  • A Blending brush
  • A Pointed Crease brush
  • and a Smudge brush

It’s contents would make a nice starter set, but between the problems red dye produces and the shedding? Unfortunately, there are better values out there that are less likely to give you a hassle, so skip this one.