Dita Von Teese MAC Lipstick

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Dita Von Teese MAC Lipstick
Dita Von Teese MAC Lipstick

Two things – one, Dita’s launching a lipstick with MAC. Two, she’s done an exclusive interview with The Cut where she talks about it, her new book, Your Beauty Mark, and her opinion of so-called, “natural,” makeup.

Obviously a red, the matte, pink-toned red bullet is engraved with her signature; the black tube is emblazoned with the same. This limited edition Dita Von Teese MAC Lipstick launches online on December 9 on maccosmetics.com. Unfortunately, pink-toned reds don’t suit me so I won’t be rushing out to get it BUT I’m sure it will be well-loved.

In it, I learned (and you may also) that Dita:

  • is naturally blonde
  • has a fairly quick routine
  • has a go-to that she loves most, but isn’t uncomfortable bare-faced
  • feels that, “natural,” makeup is just as much (if not, more) work

And frankly, I wouldn’t disagree with that final note. I don’t tend to contour or highlight, but I think it would take me longer to do a full face of, “natural,” makeup ft. bronzer and higherlighter than it would take me to emulate Dita’s look. No hate on those who choose to do those things – but it is a lot of work to paint your face into what society’s unrealistic definition of, “natural,” is.

Check out The Cut for the full interview.

What do you think about Dita’s limited edition MAC shade – are you dying to add it to your collection? Do you buy books on beauty? Do you agree with her thoughts on, “natural,” makeup?