Brows on What?


The term, “fleek,” makes my skin crawl.

I don’t love it.

Not for sculpted, perfect eyebrows. Not for flawless, gorgeous highlights. Not for sharp, crisp winged liner.

“On point,” I can dig. But for some reason I just can’t stand, “on fleek.” I’m not anti-slang, it’s just this specific term.

Research suggests the term has been tossed around since at least 2003; but it came to prominence after a Vine user mentioned it to describe her own brows while en route to a party. Somehow, it blew up and became this meme-esque slang phenomenon.

I don’t get it. Maybe I’m getting old?

Brows on what? Listen, dear – your eyebrows, highlight, and winged liner look fabulous and masterfully executed…but stay out of my dang hyacinths and azaleas, alright?

2 thoughts on “Brows on What?”

  1. I personally think it’s better than a lot of other things. :p I can’t stand ‘I’m getting my – game on’ even ‘ on point’ is grating a little. Maybe I’ve seen less of fleek than you have.

    Nothing will replace the word ‘fucking’ in my vocabulary though, like ‘my – is fucking awesome.’ Nothing quite like it in the world.

    • “On point,” and, “____ game on/_____ game strong,” can get on my nerves a little, but they don’t make me cringe the way, “fleek,” does. Ergh.

      And you’re right – there isn’t, and that’s why, “fucking,” is a classic. :P

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