Commentary: Bragging

Recently, I received a comment on an old post from someone who believed that I was bragging about something – namely, my hair.

Surprised, I went back and re-read my post – had I published some sarcastic/ironic bragging in that post without thinking? Sarcasm can be hard to detect online, even with context.

But I hadn’t. So, just to be abundantly clear:

Nothing on Beauty Skeptic is intended as bragging or boasting.

I have nothing to brag about. If something comes across as bragging, it is:

  • hyperbolic
  • outrageously sarcastic (and hopefully obvious on its own or very briefly noted as such), or
  • …well, it just isn’t reaching you properly.

Even if I did have something to brag about, doing so isn’t particularly gracious; no one wants to read some jackass’ rambling, self-congratulatory bragging nonsense.

My goal is not to piss anyone off or rub them the wrong way. Having stated that, this blog’s mission is not bragging. I cannot control how individuals choose to interpret my writing.

Context is important – the post in question was a hair tutorial…and because not everyone who reads this blog has the same hair in the same condition as mine, it is very important to detail that information to provide context for my results because not everyone will get the same results.

Normally, I wouldn’t bother to talk about something like this, but because intention is sometimes lost in text and I thought a clarification might help. :)

Thank you, as always, for reading.