Bi-Weekly WTF :: Vol 18 – Sunday Riley

I had a different topic planned for this week’s post, but then shit hit the fan with Sunday Riley.

The Sunday Riley Snafu

On Monday, October 15 a throwaway account identifying herself as an ex-Sunday Riley employee posted on Reddit’s SkincareAddition sub. Her post described and disclosed some of what can only be described as heinous and unethical review practices on behalf of Sunday Riley.

I happened to find out via Twitter, which was agog with justifiable rage at this revelation. This isn’t just sketchy, it is going-to-ridiculous-lengths sketchy with extensive instruction, false Beauty Insider profile creation, and VPN usage. Check it out:

Sunday Riley

My Thoughts

I won’t waste your time pontificating on the matter, but have a few calmer points to add now that I am far enough away from discovering this.

  • I’m glad I am not a Sunday Riley customer. Especially with as expensive as their product is.
  • If your product is in fact good enough you should not ‘need’ to stoop to these levels.
  • They cannot be the only ones.
  • Will Sephora do anything about their relationship with this being out?

The Bottom Line

This is why you cannot purely trust reviews on merchant sites. If you are going to research product feedback, you should consult a diverse pool of sources. Period.