Worth it? beautyblender blotterazzi

I love my beautyblender sponge. What it does for the application of face products (foundation, concealer, cream blush, etc) for me is outstanding. The revolutionary sponge created a class of tools and inspired a legion of pretenders. They have expanded recently with a few new products like the bodyblender and the blotterazzi. The beautyblender blotterazzi is marketed as an alternative to those little blotting papers many of us purchase to keep our shine at bay without caking on additional product.

beautyblender blotterazzi

The blotterazzi should feel familiar to any beautyblender owner – the thin, pliable sponges are made of the same material the namesake sponge. The $20 product comes with a mirrored, vented compact and two of these sponges. As someone who is trying to minimize waste, I like the idea of the blotterazzi as a reusable oil-blotting solution. That said, if you’re combination or oily, these small, thin sponges may not be enough.

Unfortunately, the reviews that are out indicate that the product does not perform as hoped; many people say it does little to nothing for their oil, and others indicate that it compromises their makeup. Maybe it’s all a big misunderstanding like the beauty world had when the beautyblender started getting big (people didn’t realize it was intended to be used wet) but nothing has come out yet suggesting that is the case.

The Bottom Line

I’m a fan of the original beautyblender, but the blotterazzi is not something I can see myself spending money on – especially since my oil-control needs are inconsistent. They are reusable, but considering the surface area and how oily some of us can get, they would almost require daily washing to keep from recirculating oil and product, leading to breakouts – I know few people who would have time for that. More frequent washing that it would need plus the thinner, less robust (compared to the beautyblender) design would result in swifter breakdown, too. I’ll either blot with a tissue or blotting paper when I need it.

Even someone wanting to cut down on waste wouldn’t really be – they’d just be converting one flavor of waste (disposing of used blotting papers) for another (water, soap, eventually replacing these).