From the Draft Folder: Euphoria Makeup

I have a slew of things in my drafts folder, stubs of pieces that didn’t pass my perfectionist B.S. I’m trying to get better about that, so here’s one from Octoberish 2019.

Have you seen HBO’s Euphoria?

If you haven’t (especially now in 2020), you’re wrong. The show is fantastic. Run, don’t walk.

Euphoria Makeup - Maddy

Beyond the show itself, the makeup in Euphoria is phenomenal. I haven’t felt particularly inspired to do anything, “fun,” or out of my norm in a while; my handful of daily, go-to looks make me feel professional, polished, and pretty.

Euphoria - Jules

But damn, Euphoria has me craving neon and rhinestones. As I am neither Gen Z nor extraordinarily fun, my existence doesn’t afford me occasions to do this ridiculous stuff.


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