Lambswool Paddle – What?

QVC is not my first stop when shopping for beauty products (often because I just forget), but they offer a lot of brands I’m interested in – Josie Maran, Philosophy, Clinique, Tarte, and a few more – so I visit every now and then because they sometimes offer impressive sales on products I like that beat the competition.

During one such curiosity-filled visit to, I came across what looked like a bath sponge pouf on a handle:

Laura Geller Lambswool Paddle

Laura Geller Lambswool Paddle

I quickly realized that this is not a shower implement – after all, we don’t use wool scrubbers – but I still wasn’t sure what it was. I clicked through.

According to QVC this is a lambswool paddle for buffing and blending makeup to a flawless finish that is suitable for all skin types. The page continues to explain that because wool is a natural fiber, it can absorb excess product (if you were accidentally heavy-handed). Laura Geller does seem to be a Cruelty-Free brand, but vegans may want to steer clear of this because, you know, wool.

Anyway, as for use, QVC suggests that you apply your full face but before you set it with powder (if you do that) or setting spray, you should run it all over your face to blend and buff products in.

Natural fibers do tend to hang on to stuff (product, skin, oils, etc) more than synthetic, so this would be something you’d really need to keep on top of cleaning. For that matter, though, I wonder how you would approach cleaning it? It doesn’t seem like it would be the easiest thing to care for.

The Kenyan-manufactured lambswool paddle runs $17 (with like $5+ shipping) and, to my surprise, has mostly positive reviews. One reviewer complains that it is very small, the rest laud it, one going so far as to say that she is going to buy one for her daughter.

“Too much blush? Rub a bit o’ sheep on your face, honey, here you go.”

Maybe I’ve gotten complacent with my current methods (real talk: I’m not), but I can’t see myself ever dropping almost $20 on wool-on-a-stick to blend. I think it is a neat, unique idea and I’m happy if it works for other people who struggle with applying too much makeup, but it just isn’t something I’d be interested in trying or using.

I’ve seen bristled paddle brushes with a similar purpose, but never this. Have you ever seen any products utilizing wool like this? Have you ever used anything like it?