Chatter: Color Theory for Makeup

I had a post of my own creation for you, today, but this Color Theory for Makeup post is so awesome that I bumped my intended content.

Color Theory for Makeup

The internet is a good source of a lot of things, including awesome, hidden useful little gems. While browsing Reddit (which actually has quite a group of makeup and beauty fanciers) the other day, I came across a blog post entitled Color Theory for Makeup by MUA, blogger, and YouTuber Rebecca Shores. It is by far the most comprehensive guide to color usage in cosmetics that I have ever seen. I believe that learning is a constant process and I think anyone can benefit from this guide Rebecca so thoughtfully put together for the benefit of those of us who are into that sort of thing.

Personally, I am comically bad at visualizing things, especially when it comes to color and placement (not just with beauty, but other things too – to the chagrin of my poor fiance as we designed our wedding invitations). I usually have to put things in front of me (or on me!) before I can decide if I think they will look good together UNLESS I am so damn used to those items that I just know (I concocted a Naked palette look for a friend attending a wedding a while ago just off the top of my head – not sure if she used it, but I did, and it turned out nicely). I also have no formal art training, so while some of it seems obvious, the post is definitely welcome.

Beyond all that, I’m also a very neutral-eye person. I am comfortable in neutrals; they are my safe-zone. So while I do own a Coastal Scents 252 palette, it doesn’t get much love – but now that I have this tool, hopefully it will!

On top of being immensely useful and a fantastic visual guide (especially for those of us who have difficulty visualizing), her work is solid. The looks she put together are pretty awesome, though some are a bit daring for me, personally.

Read it and share it with anyone who can make use (but of course be sure to give credit where it is due because this is awesome).