Worth it? COLOR ME Automatic Foundation Applicator

I was alerted to the Color Me Automatic Foundation Applicator thanks to an email from Ulta last week.

COLOR ME Automatic Foundation Applicator
COLOR ME Automatic Foundation Applicator

Electronics? Makeup? Color me curious.

The Color Me Automatic Foundation Applicator, which is exclusive to Ulta, is a powered, pulsing sponge applicator that is supposed to speed up application time for liquid, cream, and powder foundations. as well as give you:

…A smooth, almost retouched look.

The results are extraordinary: In a clinical study, most women reported cutting application time in half – and 70% of women reported an immediate improvement in makeup evenness.

I’d really like to know the application method of the women who reported the reduction in application time – how were they applying? Fingers? Disposable wedge sponges? Flat foundation brushes? If so, sure – it is likely that it sped things up for those users. None of those methods are particularly speedy or result in a smooth, even application if you’re trying to get it done quickly.

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