Tarte Energy Skintuitive Cheek Stain

Tarte Energy Skintuitive Cheek Stain
I received the Tarte Energy Skintuitive Cheek Stain at the same time as I received the Josie Maran Argan Infinity Duo – and I was just as skeptical about this as I was about them. In fact, I may have been moreso.

Rather than a cream formula, Tarte’s cheek stains are gel-based in a stick form. Tarte Energy Skintuitive Cheek Stain, specifically, is a translucent, colorless stick. Once you haphazardly smear it onto your face (well, your skin), a color develops.

You see, Tarte Energy Skintuitive Cheek Stain is kind of one of those, “slap it on and develops into a color that suits you,” type thing. Mood ring voodoo. Novel, yes, but not something I’m slapping on and wearing out without any idea of what I’m getting into. So of course, I swatched it:

Tarte Energy Skintuitive Cheek Stain Forearm Swatch

Going on, it kind of feels like one of those clear sunscreen sticks…or what I imagine a glue stick feels like. But that’s what the color looks like on me. Not really my most flattering shade; cool tones aren’t my best bet for blush.

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