Manicure Inspiration

Manicure Inspiration

These days, my manicures are solid colors. If I’m feeling crazy, I’ll have a different-colored accent nail. I just don’t bother with nail art or ultra-exciting manicures any longer (I don’t have time and/or it would be a bit much for work). That said, I do like to check out what others come up with. It isn’t all-art-all-the-time with the following posters – sometimes they just showcase interesting colors and, always, amazing manicures in general. There’s tons of manicure inspiration to be had out there!

Here are my favorites.

On Instagram

Glittr / I want to buy the vast majority of what she posts. There was this amazing holo purple recently called Lei Me Down from Cupcake Polish, and … I need it. In addition to ultra exciting, Glittr also posts manicures that I could pull off at work if ever I found the motivation.

In fact, I didn’t do this on purpose, but these sources are posted in order of how much manicure inspiration I get from them!

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