Worth it? Lemonhead LA Glitters

Worth it? Lemonhead LA Glitters

Last year, a friend had some adventures that included seeing ABBA. She had a requirement: vegan glitter. While I don’t know what she ended up with, I joined the hunt for products and offered up Lemonhead LA glitters as a suggestion. I would later learn that, in the realm of cosmetic glitter, Lemonhead LA reigns supreme. If you’re on the hunt for glitter that sets the standard, your search ends here.

…so, Eventually, I Bought Some

In August, I had a good excuse to buy some as a gift – so I got myself some, too. In a word? WOW. It’s been a long time since I’ve purchased cosmetic glitter gels, and this demolishes the competition in my memory.

Lemonhead LA’s quality is unparalleled. It FEELS good. Can you remember using a glitter product that didn’t feel scratchy? Yeah, I can’t.

How Lemonhead LA Glitter Excels

  1. Texture Perfection: Lemonhead LA glitters boast a refined texture that effortlessly glides on the skin. The blend of smooth and fine particles ensures a comfortable application, preventing any discomfort or irritation commonly associated with lesser-quality glitter products. This fine texture adheres flawlessly and lasts all day without feeling heavy or gritty.
  2. Long-lasting Brilliance: It LASTS. staying power. Once applied, this glitter doesn’t budge. It doesn’t fall out. It’s staying put for at least twelve hours. Probably much longer, but I didn’t test it. And let’s be honest, it’s glitter – so it is probably hanging around to some extent after your first cleanse, too.
  3. A Spectrum of Hues: So often when you shop for things like this, your options are: silver, gold, MAYBE rose gold, MAYBE iridescent. Not so with this line: Lemonhead LA offers an extensive range of glitter shades, including ones that glow in the dark or even colors that may not even occur to you to make glitter of.
  4. Versatility at Its Best: Use it for everything. Makeup, including precision work like cut creases. Body Glitter. Your hair. Whatever.
  5. Easy to Use and Remove: Application and removal of Lemonhead LA glitters is easy! The product glides on effortlessly, adhering without any mess or fuss. It doesn’t require anything special to remove, either – apart, perhaps, for some patience at its persistence – but that’s any glitter.


I won’t shy away from this: Lemonhead LA glitters are a premium product. This isn’t a cheap drugstore item or chunky ColourPop glitter pot, and they are priced accordingly. Individual 18g/0.6 oz pots cost $22, but Lemonhead LA does offer some bundles and minis.

For example, they have a Spacepaste Duet (two full size glitter pots of your choice from their Spacepaste line) for $36, or the Starlites Trio (mini 5g Spacepastes) for $38.

Am I thrilled about how much they are? No, absolutely not. But I’ve spent very little on beauty items in the past several years at this point, so I’m at peace with it. And besides:

A Little Goes a Long Way

I got the Starlites mini trio for my usage and gifting purposes. While, “mini,” might make you think you’re missing out, that small pot goes an incredibly long way. You need the tiniest bit, truly.

They also offer some ludicrously beautiful palettes – but they’re definitely pricey. For me, I don’t need that. 1-2 colors gives me my glitter fix in a way that isn’t irresponsible given the reality of my life.

The Bottom Line

In a market saturated with astonishingly mediocre cosmetic glitter options, Lemonhead LA has set a new standard. They also have no idea who I am; I’m just really delighted with the product and am so excited to share. It’s nice to have some novelty that also performs well!

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