Target x Ulta Partnership

Did you know about the Target x Ulta Partnership? I’ve been a little out of touch, so I didn’t until a disappointing experience with Target in February.

I’d been wanting to try one of the Stila Convertible Colors for YEARS. Like, 5+, but I had a trouble pulling trigger on the $25 cream blush compact. I noticed that Target is carrying some prestige brands, but didn’t think much of it. I saw a Target Circle offer for 50% off some Stila products, and this was on the list! Score.

Maybe not

My order arrived, and this was the condition of the product when I unboxed it:

Disappointed to receive a USED Stila Convertible color from the Target x Ulta Partnership.

Used! Swatched! Love to see it.

What gives, Target?

I’m genuinely baffled as to how it happened: I could see how something like this might happen at the store level. But in an online situation? Wtf, did they take a return that someone claimed was unused, *not validate it*, and just reshelve it? Just–what?

Could I sterilize and use it? Probably. But I didn’t buy it off of /r/MakeupExchange or even Glambot (though I’d expect even them to sanitize their product first), I bought it from Target (Ulta?), and I didn’t buy an Open Box (which isn’t a thing for cosmetics).

Target x Ulta Partnership

It was only when I went to process my return that I saw Ulta was a factor in the equation. Target still handles everything – I’m able to explain why I’m returning it and provide photos. There was no option for a replacement; only a return.

Unlike some retailers who are choosing to allow consumers to just dispose of problematic items rather than taking on the cost burden of processing, I do need to physically return the item. I assume the reason for that is because it is Ulta’s inventory. But in any event, it shouldn’t be resold. It shouldn’t have made its way to me in the first damn place, and I resent that I had to take additional time out of my day to go take this back.

Not Bothering to Reattempt

I could always order another one, but what are the odds that I’ll receive it in the same condition? I am not keen on wasting my time with more disappointment and errands.

Also, had I known it was effectively an Ulta purchase, I would have passed because I no longer do business with Ulta.

The Bottom Line

Although this is not the SAME reason as why I stopped doing business with Ulta, I’m unsurprised because it speaks to an overall culture bereft of common sense diligence around safety.

Don’t buy anything from Ulta that doesn’t have firmly sealed packages. Stila Convertible Color does not, unfortunately. If you want to try it from somewhere, Amazon carries it – albeit at full price.