Lancome Juicy Tubes

Lancome Juicy Tubes

Luxury brand Lancome isn’t on the forefront of beauty trends, but Lancome Juicy Tubes ($20) glosses endure as a classic and a favorite in the broader community of cosmetics fanciers.

I like the idea of lipgloss, but rarely the execution. As a youngster, I owned a few Wet n Wild tubes (and they still make a shade I used to use and still enjoy!), but never fully embraced them once I started wearing makeup in earnest as an adult. I can cope with the need to reapply often (though I don’t want to), but sticky is unacceptable.

My preferences translate to a relative unwillingness to risk $20 (or even a sale price; at 20% off they’d still be $16) on one. Admittedly, I was curious though: we’re talking about a non trendy/hype machine product with enduring 4.5 star reviews. Could Lancome Juicy Tubes be that good? What would a $20 lip gloss have to do or be in order for you to buy it?

Giving Lancome Juicy Tubes a Shot

There’s no universe in which I spend that much on something that looks like I could’ve gotten it from Claire’s as a child. When I was able to nab a free sample tube, I did.

In (an acronym and) a word:


What I love:

The watermelon fragrance and flavoring is outstanding. Lip products are one of the very few items I embrace fragrance or flavor in. Lancome Juicy Tubes absolutely deliver on this front.

The color is actually pretty good! My sample was 08 – Tickled Pink, which is described by Lancome as a, “creamy, dusty rose.” I’d say that’s an accurate assessment, and it leans a bit cool. Overall, I found myself impressed by the color payoff. I don’t expect full opacity from a gloss (or want it, for that matter), and this was a really nice balance between pigmentation and sheerness. Their lineup of shades is REALLY PRETTY and I think they’re nice to look at – both in the tubes and on humans!

What Falls Flat:

It. Is. So. Damn. Sticky. I’m pretty sure putting straight honey on your lips would result in a less-sticky experience than the Lancome Juicy Tubes. This is one of the things that turns me off of glosses in a general sense; being 10 on a 1-10 stickiness scale completely kills this as a product for me. I think this stickiness might contribute to the longevity reported in customer reviews, but I can’t stand it. I’d rather need to reapply than be so sticky.

For $20 a tube, the packaging leave a lot to be desired. It gets the job done, sure, you expect better at that price point and from a luxury brand. It’s functional but imprecise; for the barely there shades, that’s workable. At $20, we deserve a more precise application than what you get from a step up from a tube of Carmex.

The Bottom Line

I’d think it’s a bit obvious from my scathing and snark so far, but dear heavens no – I do not recommend them! Even though they nail color and flavor, the consistency and packaging are major detractors. Put it this way: at $5 I think it would be a fair ask, but I’d still be turned off by how sticky it is – no matter how gorgeous Marshmallow Electro or Spring Fling are.