Bi-Weekly WTF :: Vol 13 – Kat von D and Vaccines

Kat von D and Vaccines

On Wednesday, I said I was going to take today off. I decided against it because I feel passionately about this topic; instead, I’ll take Monday off.

Recently, Kat von D shared that she intends to forego vaccines for her yet-to-be-born child. An uproar ensued regarding this opinion. The anti-vax stance is a radical one. Like many other customers, I will be foregoing purchase of Kat von D products in the future – even if it kills me because I love this damned lipstick.

Why Boycott Kat von D?

On the other hand, some argue that Kat is entitled to her opinion and has the right to parent as she pleases. In general, I agree with this approach…when it does not infringe on the health and safety of others. Choosing not to vaccinate for non-medical reasons, however, does both of those things.

I feel strongly about this and I will be acerbic:

The right to be an idiot does not imbue you with the right to endanger public safety. Full stop.

Vaccines are effective at eradicating disease when they are used en masse due to the principle of herd immunity. Some individuals legitimately cannot be vaccinated due to allergies or health conditions and they will therefore remain at risk to condition X. Those people are kept safe by the rest of us maintaining immunity…which we do through vaccination.

I find it tragic that yet another child will face the risk of debilitating illness that we had all-but-eliminated. It breaks my heart that others are at risk as a result.

The Bottom Line

This is not reactive, reflexive, or knee-jerk. I have rescinded support for other brands whose leadership’s decisions pose a dilemma to me (Revlon, for instance, who I have resumed purchase of in light of their problematic CEO’s departure). In this case, I don’t just dislike this decision. It is literally dangerous, and not just for Kat’s family.

Do you have an opinion on the matter? Debate is welcome in the comments.