Called It – Kat Von D Lipstick

Kat Von D LipstickKat Von D Lipstick is Baaaaack

This is an entirely obnoxious personality trait of mine, but man – being right feels good!

Several months ago, I speculated that Kat Von D lipsticks were getting an overhaul of some sort. After I published that post, I received some fairly validating interaction with the brand.

Spoilers: I was right.

But…Is it New Coke all over again?

(I shouldn’t even be able to make that joke.)

Frankly, I don’t know. I haven’t tried it yet. If the reviews on Sephora’s website are any indication – no, it isn’t New Coke all over again. It seems to be a solid product, which is excellent.

If you like KvD’s cute Studded Kiss packaging – rejoice! This launch features an improved version of the Studded Kiss lipstick line. True to the Studded Kiss line, the reformulation features the iconic studded case (which is not remotely ergonomically sound, but looks cool). They gave the formula a facelift and are now calling it Studded Kiss Crème lipstick. All finishes are called this – including their Metallic (Adora) and Shimmer (Poe, etc.) finishes.

The Formula isn’t the Only Thing that Got a Makeover

Retailing at $19, the new Kat Von D lipstick is actually cheaper than the previous formula by $2. It gets better – on top of being cheaper, you get more too. The previous formula was $21 for a 3g bullet. The new Kat Von D Lipstick is $19 for a 3.4g bullet. Although it still costs more than a MAC lipstick or an Urban Decay Vice Lipstick, the price drop is a welcome change for fans.

The Bottom Line

This is pretty exciting! I’m not buying lipstick right now (plus I still have a new-ish tube of the old formula of Adora) or else I’d be fairly tempted.