April 2018 Favorites

April 2018 FavoritesApril 2018 Favorites
1. The Laundress Signature, $20 / 2. Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer, $8 /
3. Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion, $19 / 4. Clarisonic Smart Turbo Body Brush Head, $32

Thanks for bearing with me through technical and scheduling difficulties that delayed the April 2018 Favorites from its usual posting slot. Details on them, including two reappearances, after the jump.

The Laundress

The Laundress has a ton of amazing-smelling laundry- and laundry-adjacent concoctions for home use. Like most sane people, I balked at the price. After catching it on crazy sale…man, I like it. For now, I use this on my delicates – which include my reusable makeup cloths. They’re in great shape in spite of frequent washing. On top of that, they smell great (but not overpowering) thanks to the Laundress and are always a treat to use at the end of a day.

Two good things?

  • A laughably tiny bit goes a crazy long way.
  • Conveniently, a common screw-on pump-top (like what you might use on a large bottle of shampoo) fits this perfectly for easy, consistent dispensing.

A Plan to Tan

Last Monday was Melanoma Monday. Be intelligent with your sun exposure; eschew tanning beds, and load up on sunscreen. I still enjoy a faux glow and really enjoy this Jergens Wet Skin sunless tanner. This was recently listed this as a favorite in January but man – on top of being a nice, user-friendly gradual sunless tanner, it is a good moisturizer to boot. I can’t recommend this enough.

If you aren’t interested in sunless tanner, my friend uses one of their other Wet Skin Moisturizers (specifically the Argan Oil one) and likes it a lot; she’s repurchased several times. With a gift card and promo code, I picked up a new facial sunless tanner that I am beyond excited to try; it arrived yesterday. I can’t wait to tell you about how that goes.

Fast Fix

A cystic blemish popped up at the end of April after a while of clarity. Fortunately, I still had this treatment on hand that cleared it up in just a few days. That’s always going to be a favorite when that happens because they are unsightly and painful – so anything that helps mitigate (and fast!) is welcome.

Power Cleanse

Although I do not find the Clarisonic Smart Profile a great value, I’ve really been enjoying the ability to use the Body Brush Head with it. I find it does a more effective job exfoliating than the scrubby gloves I’ve been using. It is great for shave prep, keeping up with exfoliation between waxing, and as an overall solution to softer skin.

Heads aren’t cheap, though; I pay no more than 20% off retail by either waiting until an Ulta Platinum sale or, occasionally, when they appear as a kickass Lightning Deal on Amazon (usually around Prime Day/Black Friday/Cyber Monday).

What did you enjoy in April?