Worth it? Drunk Elephant B-Hydra (Quick Take)

Drunk Elephant B-Hydra, $52

To be honest, I really planned on buying Drunk Elephant B-Hydra. Drunk Elephant C-Firma is the only ‘expensive’ skincare product in my regimen – and I’m satisfied with that! Forever a value seeker, I picked up their Come C About Me holiday set that included a full-size C-Firma and:

  • Beste jelly cleanser
  • Umbra sunscreen
  • …and Drunk Elephant B-Hydra moisturizer.

I haven’t tried Beste and Umbra yet, but I have been using the small bottle of B-Hydra, cocktailing it with C-Firma in the morning and applying before any makeup I wear that day.


Drunk Elephant B-Hydra employs the same twist-lock bottle/cap that C-Firma does. Blissfully fragrance free and light-feeling, B-Hydra smooths on easily and doesn’t suffocate my skin. The gel is light, airy and imparts a light moisture to my skin. I find that it mixes well with C-Firma.

On its own, it is nice but doesn’t blow my mind. Texture-wise, it reminds me of Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing gel – or a 75%-25% cross between that and a silicone-based primer (like bareMinerals Prime Time).

Skin Types

Moisture-wise, my skin is fairly normal and takes it just fine. It didn’t break me out or cause any irritation. For me, its a bit light for winter use. I think it would suit me better in the summer. All in all, I definitely would not describe it as, “intensive.”

I suppose it might be intensive for oily skin. Those of you with dry skin, though? Move along or combine this with another product to quench your skin.

The Bottom Line

While B-Hydra is a nice, light moisturizer that I found lovely and non-irritating. it isn’t a perfect fit for my needs and I wouldn’t purchase a full size. It just isn’t different enough from Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel to make me want to have both, especially for the price difference. For reference, B-Hydra runs $52 for 1.69oz, or about $30.76/oz and Clinique DDMG runs $27 for 4.2oz or $6.42/oz.