Bi-Weekly WTF :: Vol 2 – Zoe Ayla Fish Style Brush

Bi-Weekly WTF :: Vol 2 - Zoe Ayla Fish Style Brush

Last time I released a Bi-Weekly WTF, I erred; I just kinda tossed it in the title without sharing my intention. A lot of what I end up writing about is spawned by a head-scratching moment of wondering, “Did they really?” Some really catches me off guard and deserves to be called out as its own WTF-inducing moment. Last time, it was asbestos in kiddy and tween cosmetics.

Zoe Ayla Fish Style Brush

When some people want to turn their brain off, they veg out and watch reality TV. I, however, window shop products I’d never buy – for a laugh, for a post, for whatever. This led me to the subject of this Bi-Weekly WTF: the Zoe Ayla Fish Style Brush.

Yeah, you read that right. Fish style brush.

Because, you know, I’ve got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty but I need a fish-shaped foundation brush.


Zoe Ayla prices this brush at $25 but I saw it at TJ Maxx for $6. I checked out their set and found they also peddle unicorn-themed brushes. Let’s face it, though – the target demographic for these whimsical-and-not-very-functional brushes is not going to be in a position to spend $25 for a single brush!

Their page on the Fish Style Brush reads:

A magical fish-shaped foundation brush with unique handles and beautiful bristles designed for all your foundation application needs. Lovingly crafted with delicate, unicorn/mermaid inspired handles and plush premium nylon bristles. Very extensive and premium quality make up brush. This brush has been designed and tested by our professional team of makeup artists and was ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hands and ensure flawless application.

When any twit with a camera these days can call themselves a professional makeup artist, this isn’t saying much. A makeup artist that actually works on clients for his/her actual job is not making brushes like this. Period, end of story.

Also, part of this snippet looks like it belongs on the current US President’s twitter account.

Ergonomics Fail

Although not every brush in your collection needs to be an ergonomic dream come true they should at least be serviceable. So, Zoe Ayla, inquiring minds want to know: how the hell do you use this?

I literally do not understand how to hold this damn thing. Even if I could get a decent grip on it, the detailing in the scales and fins would inevitably make it awkward at best and uncomfortable at worst.

Would it Work?

Beyond the remarkably awkward #mermaidgoals handle, the bristles appear too short, in contrast with the handle, to effectively apply and blend foundation. It’s the worst parts of a flat/paddle foundation brush and a kabuki and none of the good ones.

The Bottom Line

If you want it for an aquatic/mermaid-themed vanity or room, fine – but don’t pay full price for it and don’t have any expectations about performance. This is a decorative brush, not a functional one. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time/money/space for decorative tools.