TPDTY: Hair Strobing is Odd

Hair StrobingImage from PopSugar

When I read the title of this Popsugar article on Hair Strobing, my face lit up. In spite of being a boring (mostly) professional, I have a love for glitter – and hey, why not my hair?

Then, though, I read the article itself and took in its photos.

First Things First

The introductory sentence implies that, “we,” highlight, “our,” cheekbones, noses, shoulders, “even our earlobes.”

Hold the phone. Highlighter can be lovely but isn’t for every day use. It isn’t the trend, I know. I’m not on trend and I’m fine with that.

Earlobes, though?! That’s overt. To me, overt highlighter looks a bit, “trying too hard,” at best and juvenile at worst. Not to say it can’t be worn, and worn well, but if you work in an office you don’t need cheek- and collar-bones that look like halogen bulbs. You don’t need that if you’re just going to the gym, either.

Moving On – Price

I was initially surprised by the price, having expected a steeper dollar amount for such a trendy, frivolous product. At $16, I figured, “Okay, not bad,” of the IGK Preparty hair Strobing Glitter Spray product but then I saw the volume. Sixteen dollars gets you a TWO OUNCE aerosol of product.

Why spend $16 on this when you can buy glitter hairspray for $5? I bet if you wait until after Halloween you can get it for a little bit cheaper, too.

But hey, at least you can fly with it. #priorities

The Hair Strobing Look

I figured I’d still be entertained by the aesthetic. To my surprise as much as anyone’s, though, I wasn’t. The photos Popsugar had affixed to their article reminded me of one thing:


The Bottom Line

Aside from the obvious factors I mentioned above,what of other practical considerations? That glitter will come off onto skin, clothing, furniture, the car, etc. The reviews suggest overwhelming positivity from a ton of people who had it demoed on them at GenBeauty, but I remain unconvinced. I could endorse its use for two, maybe three occasions:

  • Halloween
  • New Year’s
  • Bachelorette Party

–but even then, it doesn’t seem like something I’d use. What do you think of hair strobing?