Two Cents: Instagram Makeup for Everyday Wear

Instagram MakeupI was watching this video about using Tarte Shape tape from Stephanie Marie on YouTube and laughed at the, “if you’re NOT A YOUTUBER,” part of the title. (Btw: She’s spot-on with the recommendations on how to use Shape Tape, but more on that from me in another post).

Makeup needed to look, “good,” on camera or film is not the same as what one would wear in real life. Certainly there are occasional intersections, but think about it: such makeup is by necessity stronger, heavier, more dramatic.

Instagram Makeup & Influence

We’ve reached a point where Instagram makeup is so pervasive that people think that those looks are it. Everyone is going hard with concealer-driven under-eye highlights, two tablespoons of highlighting powder, matte liquid lips, and very serious eyebrows.

  • It’s one thing if a a full-face of Instagram or YouTube-ready makeup is what you like. There’s nothing wrong with that, and there’s definitely a ton of artistry to appreciate. I see incredible, mind-blowing makeup on Instagram and YouTube all.the.time.
  • …it’s another if you don’t care for heavily done makeup but feel compelled to wear it because that’s what’s trendy.

Multiple Routes

There’s more than one, “right,” way to wear makeup. In my opinion, artistry like Lisa Eldridge’s is woefully underrated. Alone, Lisa has taught me more than a dozen gurus with the same IKEA vanity setup (only a little shade because tbh I kind of want one too, Alex drawers and all) have combined. Recently, I read a comment on one of her videos that said something along the lines of:

I believe that in twenty years all those Kardashian-inspired looks trending on social media will be a butt of a joke as much as eighties New Romantic look is now.

Struck a chord with me, really. I enjoy a bit of everything for the most part, but have a realistic approach to, well, real life.

The Bottom Line

What do you think of Instagram makeup for everyday wear? Are you on-trend, or do you prefer more timeless looks?

1 thought on “Two Cents: Instagram Makeup for Everyday Wear”

  1. Yep! Definitely agree here.

    Eyebrows are a pretty big deal in my books (almost not by choice, even, since I naturally have jet black, full brows that need to be tamed), HOWEVER, I refuse to accept that ‘overfilling’ them to make them look really thick and dark, then drawing a line around them with concealer and whatever else should be a daily thing. Honestly, it’s totally fine to maybe just subtly fill in a bare spot or two (which I do, with a bit of eye shadow) and call it a day!

    And, yeah, heavy under eye concealer, a generous dusting of highlighter, really carved out and contoured cheeks, over-lined botox-injected matte lips, etc. – all that, I really wish girls didn’t feel like they *need* to wear that on a daily basis (or ever!). I’m not trying to judge as those can look fly for a night out or whatever, but I’m just coming from a place of trying to live out self-love and acceptance. As much as I’ve got crap going on with my face/skin that irks me and makes me feel shitty enough as it is, I would love to feel free and at ease enough to regularly leave the house bare-faced and not feel like I look gross to everyone out there.

    Annnnnyway, I like makeup for covering up crap I don’t like and haven’t been able to get rid of, but also for just enhancing already-existing features and making me feel lovely and awake!

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