A Little Behind

Between my cat’s illness over the weekend, dealing with Jury Duty, and catching up on my day job, I was unable to meet my goal of having proper content prepared today.

I apologize for that, and appreciate you bearing with me. Regular content will return Monday.

Meanwhile, here are some neat tidbits from across the internet:

  • These matches are adorable. My use of a grill lighter is a distinctly less adorable way to light candles.
  • My local JcPenney isn’t on the chopping block – is yours?
  • The Macy’s VIP Sale is pretty legit, and includes BEAUTY items – whaaat?! Pick up this Tartelette in Bloom Palette (review coming soon), some new Beautyblenders, or a spring fragrance like Daisy Eau so Fresh (I still have, and love, my rollerball!) for less than retail.
  • Frozen pizza fan? No judgment. That said, some sold at Wal-Mart have been recalled.

I’ll leave you with this thought – Virtual Makeover tools, such as Sephora’s, are a waste of time. Do you agree? More on that next week.