Sure Aerosol Antiperspirant Deodorant

Sure Aerosol Antiperspirant

There aren’t many items out there under $5 that are incredible. At roughly $3 for a 6oz can, Sure Aerosol Antiperspirant Deodorant is one of them.

I typically wear deodorant free of antiperspirant.


  • I’m not terribly prone to sweating in the first place
  • Most stick antiperspirant/deodorants generally don’t play well with my body chemistry (ugh)
  • I hate marks on my clothing and
  • If can avoid using aluminum ingredients every single day, I want to


Several of my work-appropriate, easy-to-care-for blouses and dresses consist of (at least in part) synthetic materials. Synthetics don’t breathe the same way cotton does (ugh). Even though I’m not terribly prone to sweating, my usual deodorant doesn’t always perform as well with those fabrics (double ugh). Add in wintertime layering or jackets with synthetic linings, and it can be worse than summer.

For that reason, I sometimes want an antiperspirant. I hate gels (cold, sticky, take forever to dry!) and sticks can leave marks – even if they’re marketed as invisible solids. Sure Aerosol Antiperspirant doesn’t have to dry because it applies dry. Furthermore:

  • No overpowering, cloying fragrance
  • Hasn’t caused any discoloration on my clothing (so far!)
  • No stickiness

The Bottom Line

Since I don’t use it daily, I get at least six months our of a can. I haven’t finished my first can yet, but I really love the stuff. I haven’t put it to the test to see how it holds up against exercise. Frankly, I don’t exercise enough to be able to rate it under those conditions. But in a relatively sedate (read: office) job? Perfect.