September 2016 Favorites

September 2016 FavoritesUrban Decay All Nighter, $29-39 / MUJI 5 Drawer Acrylic, $35 / EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo, $5 /
Hot Tools Titanium Digital Flat Iron, $60 / OPI Bubble Bath,$8

It’s October! I got my Halloween decorations up over the weekend. I went to Starbucks on Saturday around 10AM – when it was 65+ degrees in my area – and facepalmed at all the hot PSLs taking up the baristas’ time. Well, at least it’s legitimately seasonally appropriate, even if it isn’t weather-appropriate.

Note: My ribbing of PSL-drinkings is in good spirits – if you enjoy the drink, that’s awesome. I’ve got to say, though, give a flat white a try – they’re tasty. You can add your pumpkin spice goop to it, too, and I bet you’d like it at least as much.

Details on my September 2016 Favorites…

I’ve mentioned and even given away these inexpensive, dual-ended brushes before. Are they the absolute best, hands-down, for application? No, but they do a great job for the price-point, and they’re perfect for a purse or travel. I reach for them in the mornings so I don’t have to sift through a dozen brushes – these two handles cover your necessities.

This setting spray has been a staple for me since I first tried it years ago. It gives even powder foundation a lovely, natural finish. Bonus? It smells nice (but I don’t think it has added fragrance!) without being that smell adhering to your face and lingering all day. Whether we like it or not, the holidays are approaching; beauty retailers usually have a two for $39 deal, which is the only way to buy. I try to hold out until an Ulta Platinum Perk 20% off anything coupon, too, to maximize my savings. A bottle lasts me more than a year because unlike 2/3 of YouTube, you don’t actually have to take a bath in it.

Funny thing, getting highlights.. I’m finding myself motivated to spend some time on my hair. Because I don’t wash my hair on a daily basis, I’m at greater ease with spending a little time every few days to do something with it to make it look presentable. My hair looks best with big curls, but I can straighten faster than I can curl, so I use the flat iron more because time for such endeavors is at a premium.

I am distinctly noticing a shift in my tastes as it pertains to beauty pursuits. Neutral nails have caught my attention far more, lately, than exciting ones. Don’t get me wrong; I’m still up for glitter (especially around the holidays), I’m just looking for something lower maintenance for the day-to-day. Bubble Bath is ever-appropriate for all occasions, wear-friendly (read: chips and growth aren’t obvious), and generally appropriate. It may not be the best nude for you, but there are so many great nude polishes out there. There is a gel version, which I will be buying as soon as I finish this post.

MUJI drawers. These arrived last week and I promptly destroyed my previous storage arrangement to fit them. Two drawers fit my entire collection, including brushes except larger items like bottles with a large circumference (setting spray, foundation bottles) and beautyblenders and RT sponges. They’re sturdy, clean-looking, and have rubber feet to prevent them from sliding around…and that also allow them to be securely stacked on top of each other.