Urban Decay F-Bomb Revolution Lipstick

I love red lipstick, but I usually don’t take the time to wear it. I only owned one – Kat von D Foiled Love lipstick in Adora (which is beautiful, but requires careful application as the formula is a bit dry). When Ulta and Macy’s lost their mind and started selling Urban Decay’s glorious Revolution lipsticks for only $11 I took to the ‘tubes and compared Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in F-Bomb, 69, and Bang. I ultimately picked up F-Bomb and haven’t looked back.

Urban Decay F-Bomb (Revolution Lipstick)Urban Decay F-Bomb Revolution Lipstick

I thought for the longest time that Ruby Woo (MAC) was going to be the next red in my arsenal – and while it may still join the ranks, I couldn’t argue with half off (due to the new Lipstick is my Vice line) and how much I love the formula of the Revolution lipsticks.

Urban Decay F-Bomb is so true. I’m so thrilled to own it – it’s going to be flattering (for me, at least) regardless of if I have color from self-tanning or am as pale as a polar bear. But now for the important part – swatches.

Urban Decay F-Bomb SwatchesUrban Decay F-Bomb Revolution Lipstick, Swatched

F-Bomb wears INCREDIBLY on me – at least five hours before I wanted to touch up, and that’s only because I was dying of thirst at the office and therefore hitting my water bottle pretty hard. It wasn’t a full reapplication, I just dabbed the bullet at the sparser area at the center of my lips. Done.

It definitely isn’t kiss-proof, and being as loud as it is a significant other may or may not appreciate this (mine does not). That said, this lipstick is definitely for me, so it isn’t a big deal.

Do you wear red? If so, what’s your favorite?