Flight Routine

Flight Routine - Skincare, Beauty, etc.What do you mean, “Flight Routine?”

I’ve seen a lot of posts and videos about ‘flight routines.’ They usually consist of a person going to the airport in full makeup to board the plane. Once seated and in-flight, they proceed to wipe away their facepaint and slather on a veritable ton of skincare goo.

We all know flying is stressful not just on our minds and bodies but also our hair and skin. Could you imagine sitting next to someone who sets up a vanity on their tray-table and slaps on a sheet mask? Ack.

Because this particular itinerary is for business it is important to look as professional as possible at virtually all times. For one, I am travelling as a representative of my employer and two, I am traveling in the company of both my immediate manager and a mentor of mine. So no, no sheet masks, no thick balms, or notions of lotions and potions.

My travel has me in the air for roughly 6.5-7 hours each way with a layover in between and probably not nearly enough water or good food. It isn’t really nap-friendly.

To my destination (yesterday), before departure:

En route:

  • Lip balm as needed
  • Drink as much water as possible
  • Hand cream if needed

DONE. It helps that the concealer/mascara combo is pretty common for me on a normal day at the office anyway (I like to sleep in, what can I say?), so it won’t be anything abnormal for my travel companions.

Upon landing, I can then add anything else I might need – touch up concealer, add foundation and blush, whatever. Or, because I’m so minimally painted I can swipe it off with a makeup wipe and throw on a better-assembled, completely fresh look if necessary without taking a ton of time.

My return, ‘flight routine,’ will look very similar:

En Route:
  • Lip balm as needed
  • Drink as much water as possible
  • Hand cream if needed

DONE. When I land, I am free from my obligation to look like a put-together professional. By this point, I will be dying to get home to change into comfortable clothing and curl up with my husband (who prefers me bare-faced anyway! Yay) to watch Netflix.

The airplane is not a spa.

You should not have a complicated, multi-step, multi-product flight routine. As tempting as it might be to break out the treatments, if you aren’t on a 6+ hour (in one leg) flight, I’d advise against it especially if you are flying on business. I think a facial mist to help you out on the rehydration front is acceptable as long as you are VERY CAREFUL not to disturb your neighbor.