November 2015 Favorites

November 2015 FavoritesNovember 2015 Favorites
1. Les Mirages File, $1 / 2. Thera Tears Eye Drops, $9
3. Dr Scholls Paraffin Bath, $40 / 4. Ponds Luminous Finish BB+, $10

Honestly, I haven’t been too focused on my own beauty-related pursuits this month simply because my plate has been relatively full. Keep reading for details on my November 2015 Favorites!

I’ve gone back through my archives and am kind of kicking myself for never mentioning this file before. The Les Mirages Medium-Grit file is what I use to shape my (natural) nails.  They’re cheap (reg $1.19 – not a crisis if I lose one), long lasting, and get the job done without shredding my nails. I mentioned recently that I’ve been a little lazy with polish, but that doesn’t mean they’ve been unkempt or crazy. I get these from Sally Beauty Supply.

Dry eyes can screw up an eye look pretty fast. The irritating may cause your eyes to become red, you may be tempted to rub, etc. – especially now that we’re heading into the cold months. On top of the air being naturally drier, add heaters in the mix and your eyes are taking a beating. These are a little thicker than a classic drop – almost a thin gel consistency, but they aren’t messy. Once a day has been enough to get my eyes the moisture they’ve needed. PROTIP: If you do need something like this, try to remember to apply these before makeup, even if they don’t feel dry when you’re doing so.

My paraffin bath! I hadn’t used this sucker in such a long time, but god I’m glad I got it back out. It’s such a nice treat especially when your hands and feet are stiff from the cold (my circulation seems iffy at best, so when it’s slightly chilly my fingers and toes get awkwardly stiff. The effect depends on the wax you’re using, but all of them should impart a major moisture boost. This is my favorite wax (it’s peach scented!)

This now-discontinued BB cream has been discussed an awful lot on this blog – but especially now that the air is drier, I’m back to using it the most at the moment. It gives me a healthy glow without looking shiny – always a good thing.

What did you dig last month?