Worth it? Glamglow Poutmud

Glamglow seems to be continually expanding their line of luxury skincare products. Frankly, I’ve lost track of the entirety of their line, but came across the new Glamglow Poutmud during some Sephora.com browsing.

Glamglow PoutmudGlamglow Poutmud

Like all their other products, the packaging is appealing – bright colors, clean lines, very sleek. But packaging isn’t enough – I’ve waxed disappointed about the Thirstymud mask (it breaks me out) already, and I can’t imagine paying full price for Thirstymud ($69). Really, I’d be hard-pressed to pay even half price for it. My skin’s reaction aside, it isn’t that impressive a product.

Glamglow Poutmud, as I’m sure you may have guessed, is a lip treatment; supposedly a, “powerful duo to gently exfoliate, nourish, and treat lips.” Poutmud, which retails for $39, features two hocus-pocus containing 0.88 oz spheres – one is an exfoliant, the other a balm. But really, the ingredients aren’t anything special. A bunch of oils and butters, fruit extracts, some sugars and salts. It really isn’t ground-breaking, and it damn sure is not worth $39. Plus, being in little pots means they’re less sanitary than, say, dispensing from a tube.

Of course the hype machine has people convinced that everything Glamglow is selling is so amazing (and I haven’t tried their other facial masks) but almost forty bucks for not even an ounce of each a salt and sugar scrub and then a lip balm in cute chrome spheres? Seriously? One reviewer on Sephora’s site says of Glamglow Poutmud,

“Once again, Glamglow made an amazing product. I don’t know how else to describe this, but AMAZING.”

Can we start an awards program for reviews? Why even leave a damn review if you, “don’t know how else to describe this?”

The Bottom Line

Not that I’d buy a $40 scrub-and-balm bacteria-breeding-ground duo even if I did have money growing from the trees in my backyard, but reviews like that reassure me that my skepticism isn’t baseless. To me, that says, “I jumped on the bandwagon and feel so good about myself, now!” Hype just for hype’s sake convinces me without even getting a sample of it that it probably isn’t worth my time (or yours – unless your hobby specifically pertains to lip sorcery).

I’ll just continue taking care of my lips with sugar and some olive oil for slip, and using whatever lip balm I’m feeling at the moment.

4 thoughts on “Worth it? Glamglow Poutmud”

  1. I tried their youthmud mask once and loved it- but I got a little trial pot, and still felt like it was expensive. I swear my eyes will get stuck in the back of my head from rolling them so hard, next time I see an overpriced tiny jar of sugar and oil billed as a lip treatment.

    • I wanted to love Thirstymud. I do love how it smells. But for some reason it irritates my non-sensitive skin. And I agree, the sugar-in-oil stuff being billed as some luxurious treatment is ridiculous and old.

  2. I know this is an old post but have you read about anyone being allergic to these, specifically poutmud? I’ve used it twice and I’m not sure if my dry lips are related. I even have dry patches around my mouth, not something I’ve ever experienced with my skin. Thanks!

    • I had a reaction to Thirstymud, but I hadn’t read about Poutmud issues. Honestly I stopped paying attention to Glamglow after repeated disappointment with other products.

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