Babying Products

When I get something new, I coddle the shit out of it. I procrastinate on using a lot of things. I go easy on them; I try to preserve their flawless, pristine state as long as possible.

I bought a brand new beautyblender over two months ago and still haven’t used it yet. I am guilty of babying products.

Does anyone else do this?

Ponds Luminous Finish BB+ + Babying Products

Ever since I found out that Ponds Luminous Finish BB+ was discontinued, I’ve hardly used it. I love it to the moon and back, but I’m hardly using it because I’m afraid of running out, “too soon.” Totally freaking irrational; it DOES have a limited shelf life, after all…and no matter when I run out of it, it will be, “too soon.” Psh.

When it comes to palettes and compacts and makeup bags, I try like hell to keep them pristine. Obviously a palette with shadow dust all over it is mainly indicative of a well-used palette, but since (in many cases) these things are also investments, doesn’t it make sense to keep them as clean and pleasant to look at as possible? It isn’t a neat freak thing. I promise I’m not a neat freak…but when I see product-caked packaging it does make me slightly crazy.

Two years ago, a couple friends plotted and surprised me with the Urban Decay Naked palette. No real reason, just because. How amazing is that? It still gives me feels. So I don’t know if it is just because the quality of the shadows is SO high that you only need so little product, if it is because I am excessively babying it, or because I am inexplicably amazing at getting juuust what I need for a look and not wasting any ever (hint: it’s not the last one). I am conservative with how much I pick up on brushes, though – I prefer not to have to tap a lot away.

I take care of my brushes and tools. I won’t lie and claim that I wash my brushes every week. I definitely believe Jenna Marbles quip regarding people who claim that they do so (unless they are a professional and, you know, have to). I DO, however, wash them fairly regularly (remember: I don’t wear makeup every day, and when I do wear it, I don’t always go full-face). Even though you may hate it, it isn’t just important as far as your application goes…hygeine AND longevity of the brush or tool itself is a big concern. So take care of your brushes and tools properly; they’re investments!

It’s nice to use items that have a nearly-new look or feel to them, and it doesn’t take much effort to pull off.

The Bottom Line

Well, I’m asking you – is it crazy, or is it reasonable to continue babying my products?

3 thoughts on “Babying Products”

  1. I’m totally guilty of this too! I baby the one-use products the most: sheet masks, small packs of tissue, samples, q tips. I hate counting the uses before they end, I think it’s even more irrational than you! After 1-2 years though all notions of babying will end: I am viciously trying to use up certain products that have been around awhile. I find that foundations really never end for me, so I don’t spare any feelings for them now. Haha

  2. I do this too! Mostly with lip products, samples, and skin care. There’s something about something being perfectly intact I don’t want to use it.

    • God, especially lipstick right? Like nooo, you’re so pristine in your originally poured-form…

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