Glitter Eyebrows

If you came here expecting a demonstration or tutorial of glitter eyebrows, I’m sorry (not sorry) to disappoint. A well-sculpted brow is a beautiful thing, but we’re approaching silliness here.

In the space of a single week, I’ve seen a few glitter eyebrow photos pop up on various places on the beauty-concerned web.

Here are a few notable ones. Glambot, in talking about an app that makes makeup recommendations, displays this relatively straight, glittery gold brow (and some other things):

Looks like they were sculpted with a great deal of care. Oh Anastaaaaasia, you didn’t tell us you were coming out with a new Dipbrow shade! What’s it called – gilded? I kid. (Also Dipbrow is amazing and if you knock it you’re probably using it incorrectly).

And then there’s this one, from MAC:



I love pigments and glitter as much as the next girl (but probably not as much as Ke$ha in that I do not want to siphon off my blood and replace it with a sparkly liquid) but this renders me a little speechless. Yes, I know it is for some fashion show nonsense but still – what’s the angle here? “Nothing screams chic like holographic gold glitter eyebrows that disperse towards the model’s hairline…”

I showed the MAC-tweeted photo to a friend who remarked that she just wants to be glitter for Halloween. (Seriously, add these leggings from American Apparel in the Gold Dot/Black color and you may be onto something…)

Is this actually a thing, or are glitter eyebrows just happening for the sake of artistry?

If this is just happening for artistic purposes then that’s cool. I would strongly caution against wearing something like this in a role you need to be taken seriously in (assuming it is not an artistic industry) because it simply will not happen.