First Look: Foreo Issa Mini

So, this happened…

Foreo Issa Mini - Packaging

We bought it.

I went for it during Sephora Love Note (their Spring sale) promotion, and that’s what earned me VIB (for the first time ever!).

Given that the regular Foreo Issa is usually $199, we opted for the Issa Mini (regularly $119) to save $70+ after the discount. The Issa Mini is set apart by the Issa in a few ways. It has:

  • A shorter handle
  • A smaller head (though they are interchangeable!)
  • Different Colors
  • Is geared towards kids

Speaking of kids, here’s how they make it fun: the brush rewards the user with a happy face when they have brushed adequately, and expressing disappointment with a sad face if too much time since brushing has elapsed. Despite having a smaller brush head, it isn’t too small for an adult to effectively use.

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