My Invisalign Journey

In 2017, I started my Invisalign Jorney. Early that year, I began chewing on the idea of pursuing orthodontia. I hated my teeth my entire life and finally took matters into my own hands. As of January 2019, I’m about to start my third round of refinement. I publish posts periodically with updates on my … Read more

Discuss: Beauty Budgets

Beauty Budgets Vladimir Tarasov / Via Getty Images This legacy post has been given a facelift and an update, but content/opinions are the same. Enjoy! I came across this Wall Street Journal article on the the high price of beauty. In the article (here), the annual beauty budgets of four successful women are discussed. Expectations I’m not … Read more

June 2018 Favorites

June 2018 Favorites MUFE Rouge Artist Natural N9, $11 / China Glaze Gelaze Diva Bride, $11 / Hot Tools 1.25 Curling Iron, $40 / Polar Toasted Coconut, $1 / Kenra Dry Thickening Spray, $17 Frankly, it’s amazing that I was able to scrounge up the time to document my June 2018 Favorites in light of: … Read more

Bi-Weekly WTF :: Vol 10 – KISS Brow Stamp

While there is a ton of nonsense on Twitter, it isn’t usually where I run into ridiculous products. Yet, a few weeks ago, I stumbled across a ridiculous product on that very site. Behold, KISS Brow Stamp stamp on eyebrows. Like any elementary school student, I am unreasonably entertained by ink stamps. I’m intrigued by what … Read more

Invisalign Update: Cavity Scare

I am now on Tray 30 of my initial 36 active trays. In contrast with my expectations, treatment has been incredibly smooth-sailing. Obsessive oral hygiene is my new normal. I successfully underwent three rounds of IPR without issue. One tooth, however, started giving me trouble around Tray 26. I do not believe this is the result … Read more

Invisalign Update: Week 10 of Invisalign

Last night, I switched to my tenth Invisalign tray! Since my last update, there hasn’t been much new or different to report. It’s amazing that I’m already at week 10 of Invisalign- it doesn’t feel like two and a half months have passed. Attachments at Week 10 of Invisalign As the orthodontist suggested, the roughness … Read more