Brief: Lume Deodorant Minis

Lume Deodorant Minis

Today, we’re revisiting a recent topic: Lume Deodorant. I’ve tried, and like, the unscented cream version. Target sells Lume Deodorant Minis, though, and I figured that would be a halfway decent way to try one of the other options.

I picked up one of the Lume Deodorant Minis in Clean Tangerine. This time, I got the mini stick which comes in a small, slender tube not unlike the Native minis’ older packaging. Certainly very travel or purse friendly. I really dislike having fragrance on my hands, so the squeeze tube was not an option.

WOW, I cannot stand the cloying, candy-sweet fake-orange smell that makes Lume’s Clean Tangerine what it is. I feel *very* glad that I trusted my instinct and went with the unscented option. If I had the way-too-potent fake-orange smell on my hands, I’d lose it.

That isn’t to say you’ll dislike it – unless you share my fragrance preferences or sensitivity to fragrance. I quite like the smell of citrus, but this was just too strong, too artificial, and too unpleasant. It did work for the day I wore it, but I looked forward to bathing to get rid of it.

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