Jessica DeFino’s The Unpublishable

If you like my content, then you’ll almost certainly like Jessica DeFino’s Substack newsletter, The Unpublishable. Jessica is a freelance journalist focused on the beauty industry; her Substack has her reticle is fixed on the beauty industry in a critical fashion.

I’ve spent the last week binging her content in between work, school, and quality time with my husband. I’ve found it invigorating.

How I found Jessica DeFino’s The Unpublishable

Abra linked to Jessica’s poignant, I want you to lick me, post in her recent November 3rd Edition.

It’s catching fire for its relatability.

Even if you can’t relate to every aspect of what Jessica describes in that piece, if you’re 30-40, I bet you’ll find something in that piece that (perhaps uncomfortably) resonates. A lot of women are sharing that its thought provoking; I agree.

Something to Chew On

I’ll refrain from sharing my explicit thoughts on it in the body of this post so that you have the opportunity to take it in, but I’m happy to discuss in the comments, here.

The Bottom Line

HuffPost says, through The Unpublishable, she’s pulling consumers out of the matrix the beauty industry creates and sustains. YES. Read the About on her newsletter, and you’ll understand why I’m fangirling.