Worth it? Ecolips Lipscrub

Ecolips LipscrubEco Lips Lipscrub, Vanilla Bean, $3.97

It is plenty easy to exfoliate your lips. You can gently do so with the terrycloth of a towel or washcloth. Some people use their toothbrush (for me, this is too abrasive). You can make your own scrubs with sugar (I usually do). Sometimes, though, its nice to just grab a finished product and not think about getting out oils and sugars and mixing and cleaning up. I found myself in one of the beauty aisles in Wal-Mart and spotted a pot of Ecolips Lipscrub for under $5.

The Skinny

Ecolips Lipscrub comes in a few different varieties; I selected vanilla bean. The small 0.25 oz pot is emblazoned with the following claims:

For my purposes, none of those points are  going to, “sell,” this product to me – but any of those features may be important to you!

To use, dip a finger into the pot, scoop out some product, and buff onto the lips in a circular motion. Then, either rinse or dab off with a tissue. I found the product slightly waxy – which helps the sugar crystals remain suspended in the product – so I prefer to rinse and blot dry.

The Bottom Line

Ecolips Lipscrub is effective enough but at almost $4 a pot, making your own is still cheaper and may be more pleasant feeling (I could do without the waxy texture). If getting all mad scientist in your kitchen doesn’t sound like fun to you, though, shell out the less-than-$5 for this convenient little pot.