Bi-Weekly WTF :: Vol 3 – Shoe Fashion Strikes Again

Every now and then I encounter a piece of fashion-related minutiae that makes my head spin. That spinning then inspires an off-usual-topic post here at Beauty Skeptic.

I’ve professed before that I am not a fashionable individual. So when I see things like what I’m going to share in this post – yeah, I know I don’t, “get,” it. I’m fine with that.

Socks with Sandals

It all started with these ridiculously offensive Gucci heeled sandals…

Shoe Fashion Strikes Again

Why yes, that is a zip-up patent leather, “sock.” Didn’t you always want leather socks? If not, you’re in luck – the sock is removable so you’re really getting two fabulous looks in one. At $1250, it is clearly a bargain and we basically can’t afford not to buy. /eyeroll



This is one of the more tame shoes of the bunch, Starting from the front of the shoe, it looks neat and nice. Blue glitter pumps aren’t terribly practical but they’re fun to look at, right? Then you get to the heel…

The heel makes me think of these faceted beads:

Heavy Metal

It is loud. It is comically expensive (originally almost $2,500). It is Prada. This loud boot looks reminds me of Taarna from Heavy Metal (1981) than high fashion. It seems to me that this only has a place in cosplay or film use. My mind is blown that a) it exists b) it was listed at over two grand c) that the ‘sale’ price is still over $700 d) it is even available for anyone to purchase.

The Bottom Line – Shoe Fashion is Drunk

Although I never have and never will understand paying these prices for footwear. If it was something that would last you the rest of your life and you literally would never need to replace it, maybe – but even so, this post isn’t even about that. This post is how ridiculous shoe fashion is; this footwear is being passed off as de riguer normal things that people ought to buy. And people do buy these! There were reviews that weren’t just criticism of the outlandish pricing. Mind … blown.