College Humor – Every Beauty Vlogger

I’ve said before that I don’t find anything wrong with sponsorships – provided, of course, they’re legally compliant and properly disclose. It’s a decency thing.

Every Beauty Vlogger, Ever

I can’t help but laugh at content like this College Humor video, though. The landscape has changed so much in the last five years and unfortunately this seems to be true more often than not.

The comments on Every Beauty Vlogger are a riot, too. There’s tons of commiseration among the commenters; some of their sentiments echo my own.

  • Backgrounds are always something like the video or the vlogger’s bed with some candles. Candles range from Bath and Body Works to more fancy Voluspa and Diptyque.
  • Who really buys bottles of perfume that large? Who will legitimately use them before they go rancid?
  • The bits of footage with them intentionally struggling to pronounce things or doing weird, dumb things to be #relatable.
  • Somehow, the background music always has a ukelele. (I know its royalty-free, but damn ladies – surely some of you like different stuff?)
  • Sub-ten minute videos…half of which is the rambling, off-topic intro.
  • Giveaways with, mysteriously, no winners

The Bottom Line

Massive respect to those content creators that do properly disclose – not just because it is the right thing to do legally, but ethically as well.

Here are a few vloggers who I feel produce reliable content (aka who aren’t Every Beauty Vlogger Ever):