Saturday Extra: WTF

Saturday Extra!

I’m at home with a mouth full of gauze, browsing the internet because I can’t take a nap. The offending tooth 26 has been evicted from my mouth. Due to my crowding, the gap isn’t that bad. The worst of it is the saliva accumulation with the gauze. Ugh.

Anyway, I come across things online that are not beauty things that give me cause to ask, “WTF?” This tweet from Sephora was in March – I took a screenshot and filed it for one-such post.


Saturday Extra - WTF SephoraFashion is adjacent to beauty I guess, so here are a few:

I don’t think this is still available for sale on Nordstrom’s site (thank god). Do you ever think that designers sit down, intentionally draw and produce something god-awful just to laugh even harder when some buffoon buys it? I do. This trench coat is proof.

WHBM…why?! Camo. Capri (read: flattering on no-one). Elastic openings. externally-stitched pockets. Paired with, no less, an off-shoulder, ruffle-sleeve blouse and open heel, open toe sandal-bootie monstrosities. Whiskey tango foxtrot. What on earth were you guys thinking?