Jealous AF of Pro-Only Gelish PolyGel

Gelish PolyGel Master Kit, Pro-Only, price unknown

Acrylics never were my thing. I tried them a couple times and just didn’t love them (probably because I never got a great set, but still). I’m fortunate to have reasonably well-behaved natural nails, so why mess with a good thing? Hard gel enhancements (read: not gel polish) always intrigued me, but I never found a salon that actually did them. I found many salons who professed to do gel services but were instead falsely advertising acrylics with a UV topcoat as a gel enhancement service. Oops.

Gelish is most well-known among consumers for being a gel polish company. I’ve had my criticisms of them, but their latest product is cutting edge…and I’m kind of pissed I can’t shop at CosmoProf as a result!

PolyGel appears to be a polymer housed in and dispensed from a tube. It seems to blend the best of both worlds; the workability of acrylic with the generous time-table of gel. Like Gelish’s bread-and-butter products, PolyGel is cured in an LED lamp.

Gelish’s PolyGel product is a thick, structured gel; thicker than a toothpaste for sure, but I’m not sure what else to compare it to. That gel is squeezed out, sliced off with a knife, then slapped onto the nails. I’m sure the pros make it look easier than it really is, but it looks easier than traditional acrylic or hard gel enhancement services.

Check it out:

So neat.

They’ve been hyping it on social media in advance of the launch, and it’s finally out in the US. Problem is, us non-cosmetologist lot can’t get their hands on it readily unless they have friends or family that can shop at CosmoProf on their behalf. Dang!

Yeah, I’m jealous.

It doesn’t appear that any salons in my immediate area are offering it. I’m reluctant, frankly, to shell out for enhancements since they aren’t my thing to begin with, but I’m curious enough that I’d love to meddle with it on my own if I could.