Going Silver, pt 1

Going Silvervia Pinterest.
Not my hair!

I am a notorious coward when it comes to haircolor. Once upon a time, I colored my hair when I was young and foolish. Naturally, I picked a red shade not realizing how much of a hilarious pain in the ass red is to maintain.

I wasn’t up for it.

After years of growing it out I decided there would be none of that for a good. long. time.

That was many moons ago, but I’ve remained color-free since. I am highly interested in Balayage highlights. And you know what else piques my interest?

Silver hair.

I was first captivated when Sam from Batalash rocked it for a while. I ended up seeing it more often elsewhere (Instagram, Pinterest, what-have-you) and it would just stick in my head! It was killing me. I came across one picture that was almost certainly shopped BUT was majestic. I’m like, “Maybe…”

And then my laughable aversion to the upkeep kicked in. I can’t commit! Not yet. Then I had silly, “practical,” concerns like, “Oh, but how would that work with my neutral-warm skintone?” So I’ve definitely wussed out and won’t be going silver any time soon.

Anyway, I shared all this with my dearest friend who is practically a clone of me (or am I of her?) except far, far fairer-skinned. In fact, it was with her that the spark that inspired this blog occurred – from a snarky, off-hand remark. Unsurprisingly, we were on the same page regarding how awesome silver strands look.

Unlike me, though, she lacks the aversion to hair upkeep…and decided a couple months ago that she was going for it. She got it finished up last month and I’m proud and envious and SO EXCITED because it is so good on her.

She agreed to let me ask her some questions to share with you guys about the process, so look for that next Monday.