Chatter: Resolutions

New Years' Resolutions“New Year, New Me!” resolutions?

I don’t believe in them. New Years’ Resolutions are a cop out. You don’t need a new calendar year to make a change in your life.

If you’re committed to the change, the right time to start is immediately…not January 1 (unless it occurred to you on January 1). That said, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with taking a moment to set your priorities for the year and reevaluate any existing goals.

For instance, my husband and I hope to become homeowners in 2016. We’re working hard to this end, but that happening means a lot of stars have to align. That’s our big one. Things that kind of help us work towards that goal are (especially for me) things like being mindful of obvious things like electric usage, sticking to meal plans because Taco Bell is entirely too tempting, and following my beauty no-buy plans (an interesting challenge, what with writing a beauty blog).

As far as the blog goes, my aim is to always maintain my posting schedule. I’ve been decent about this – not perfect, but even when time escapes me, I usually have some kind of filler or other recommended reading I can throw out there. I’m working on getting a logo and establishing important things like brand identity, and at some point (I hope) a new layout will follow. I know some have had difficulty reading Beauty Skeptic due to the color scheme and how it can behave on some mobile devices. Hopefully those two things will help what I have to say reach people who want to read, and makes it easier for them to read what they wish to.

And in general, a goal I kind of made for myself last year that I think is important to hold on to is to not waste time on people (either in real life or, for some people who spend a lot of time on social media, internet jerks) who aren’t worth it. You have twenty-four hours in a day. A lot of us spend at least 6-10 of those hours working, and at least another 1 commuting or preparing for that work. You’ve got to make time to prepare food and eat. You’ve got to make time for the people you love. You’ve got to make time for self-care. Where does someone who, frankly, sucks fit into that? They don’t. Let go of that nonsense and you’ll feel better.

Aside from that? To always enjoy my beauty-related pursuits (because if I’m not enjoying them then why the hell am I doing them), not get caught in hype (stay skeptical!), and not buy gadgetry at Sephora such that I have VIB through 2017 again (I’m still using the Silk’n, though).

None of these are resolutions. These aren’t because the calendar ticked over. They’re just what I feel I need to do – people get so caught up in resolution hype but let go of those efforts within like three weeks. Being non-committal sucks, don’t be that guy.

Happy 2016!