January 2014 Favorites

January 2014 Favorites

1. Psssst! Dry Shampoo, $6 / 2. Orly Bonder Base Coat, $6 / 3. Swisspers Nail Care Double-Tipped Swabs, $2 /
4. L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Excess, $6/ 5. Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss – Pink Pop, $6

Six dollars seems to be the magic amount for my January 2014 Favorites, huh? More on this after the jump.

1. My hair is long. I don’t mean long as in, “Well it’s to my shoulders tee-hee,” I mean the longest layers are waist-length.. As such, it takes approximately twelve years to dry. Unpleasant. I don’t blow dry every wash because a) I am lazy and b) damage concerns. Beyond that, I don’t need to wash my hair daily – my scalp isn’t so rude as to ruin, “day two.” That said, Psssst! gets me through day two with none-the-wiser and even through day three looking presentable (if need be). It isn’t overly powder-y or overly scented, and I dig it and highly recommend.

2. I am really into gel manicures these days (DIY) but I sometimes give my nails a break from it and use regular polish. I ran out of my old basecoat and picked this one up, and it is a champ. It dries to a tacky finish so your polish adheres better.

3. These are intended for polish clean-up, but I use them to fix my eyeliner. The perfect tiny wing or flick is not easily achieved, and some days, you need help. These are that help!

4. By now you must be catching onto my love of lengthy product names. I’m on the hunt for my so-called, “Holy Grail,” mascara. I picked this up when I ran out of what I had last and I like it so far. It seems to lengthen and volumize to a decent degree, doesn’t irritate my eyes, and doesn’t look as excessive as its name would have you think.

5. Trust me – this gloss is not as ridiculously hot pink as it looks. It is bright and does look super opaque in the tube but it does not scream, “I’m a Barbie!” when you put it on. I use it when I don’t feel like wearing the lip-colored-lipstick I have but don’t feel like. It is super glossy and can be used with a ton of different lipsticks to tone them down (in the case of Maybelline’s Electric Orange), or liven them up (in the case of Maybelline’s Blissful Berry). It is versatile!

What was awesome for you last month?


Disclosure: None of these items were sponsored, I purchased them on my own at some point. That said, some of the links in this post are affiliate links – this means I may get a very small percentage of the sale if you decide to buy something. I’ll only tell you that something is awesome if I have verified it myself!