Real Techniques Sculpting Set Giveaway

The holiday season is kicking my butt. You may have noticed that I didn’t publish content on Friday. I’ve been neck-deep in a project at work that had heavy last-minute involvement last week. I’m talking, working my usual 9.5 hour workday then come home and work until 10 or 11 PM. Intense. No time to make finishing touches on posts I had waiting in the wings. Fortunately, that project culminates on Tuesday!

And then it is only normal holiday madness to contend with. Thankfully, my shopping is already done. ANYWAY.

We all need a little grace sometimes and I can’t overstate how much I appreciate you bearing with my occasional blips in consistency! I’m shifting my November 2017 Favorites to this Friday, December 8 but will have content on Wednesday. In the meantime, what better time to kick off a holiday giveaway?


TWO lucky winners will receive a Real Techniques Sculpting Set. This brush trio features their:

  • Sculpting Brush – If you aren’t a contour wizard (I’m not!) then this brush makes achieving a nice natural-looking contour foolproof. It’s lovely for blush, too. It is one of my favorite brushes.
  • Fan Brush – I use this most often to whisk away eyeshadow fallout but it is nice for powder highlight, too. I just don’t tend to use powder highlight that often!
  • Setting Brush – Love this for the under-eye area. I pick up a bit of my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder with this and sweep it on to effortlessly set my concealer.

plus a brush cup to store your tools. I own each of these brushes and really enjoy them, so I was excited to see them being sold in a convenient value set (if not a little miffled that I bought these brushes individually back in the day, LOL).

Real Techniques Sculpting Set Details & Entry

Details on how to enter after the jump!

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CLOSED: EcoTools Giveaway

Because pretty much all the seasonal holidays are right around the corner,

Because I believe that brushes and tools are always a great thing to have handy,

Because I liked them enough to recommend them and share them,

I’m hosting an EcoTools Giveaway!

EcoTools GiveawayEcoTools Giveaway – Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set

These very-travel-friendly dual-ended EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set, which I’ve reviewed here, are great for people just building their brush collection or people who need to have travel-friendly options, or people who just like to have more brushes. Whereas having five pots of the same or very similarly-colored eyeshadow can be more than some of us want to bother with, I believe there’s no such thing as too many blending and shading brushes in a collection.

I do believe that quality tools are work having regardless of the task – painting your face, home or auto repair/improvement, cooking, etc. Often times, coming by quality tools means making an investment. Other times, though, brands like EcoTools come along and provide good stuff at a nearly-universally-friendly price-point. I dig that, so I figured an EcoTools giveaway would be a nice way to share a good thing. Enter just in time for the holidays either for yourself or to gift to someone else!

This EcoTools Giveaway will result in two lucky entrants receiving the EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set! Enter via the Rafflecopter widget, below – good luck!

Also – you must leave a comment in order for your contest entry to count!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

How to Dry Makeup Brushes

After you have thoroughly washed and rinsed your makeup brushes, it is important to see that they dry thoroughly to preserve the structural integrity of the brush and to prevent stuff like mildew.

Once you have rinsed your brushes, you should gently squeeze the bristles over the sink to remove excess water. At this point, you can lay them down horizontally on a towel in a well-ventilated area and leave them to dry, rotating them every few hours so that the side touching the towel can face up.

Alternatively, you can purchase a brush holder like this one or this one (larger) from Benjabelle. The base of the stand is in the center supports a platform that suspends the brushes upside down in silicone grips. Sigma also has a product for this purpose called a Dry’n Shape, which is a case that opens and folds into a cylinder with holders for brushes that dries and shapes them.

Or, you could be like me and forego the fancy equipment for now. Below, I have a few brushes in brush guards (which are also nice if you need to toss brushes into a bag that doesn’t have slots for them to keep them safe). They are suspended from a towel rack with a simple hair elastic (a regular rubber band is fine, too!) – something most of us have lying around the house.

How to Dry Makeup BrushesHow to Dry Makeup Brushes

To do this, take your elastic and hold it between the towel rack and the wall. Pull the top and bottom forward in front of the rack and slide your brushes in. This will secure your brushes there and we can (to quote Ronco) set it and forget it. I frequently tackle this whole thing at night, and by the time I wake up the next morning, my brushes are dry. If you don’t let them dry while you’re sleeping, though, remove the brush guard about 2-3 hours into drying – this will expedite the remaining time. Once all is done, enjoy your now-pristine brushes that may now feel like you’re rubbing a kitten on your face.

Disclosure: None of this stuff sponsored. That said, some of the links in this post are affiliate links – this means I may get a very small percentage of the sale if you decide to buy something. I’ll only tell you that something is awesome if I have verified it myself!