Fall Favorites TAG

I’m hopping on Jaclyn Hill’s Fall Favorites TAG bandwagon! Let’s just jump right into it.

Favorite Candle

It’s a tie!

Beauty Skeptic Fall Favorites TAG - Favorite Candle - Yankee Candle Macintosh

I love Yankee Macintosh, which is just a pure unadulterated apple candle. I love it year round, who am I kidding.

Beauty Skeptic Fall Favorites TAG - Favorite Candle - Yankee Candle Sun Bright

Then, this is a recent discovery but it is so good for Autumn; it’s one of the Pure Radiance crackling wooden-wicked candles from Yankee called Sun Bright. It is subtle and warm.

For those of you looking for candles but have scent-sensitive members of your household, neither of these give my fragrance-headache-prone husband any trouble.

Favorite Lipcolor


Easy – MAC Creme in Your Coffee. I’m sure I’d dig more, but I don’t have a crazy lipcolor stash.

Last year’s Touch of Spice and Divine Wine from Maybelline are lovely, but I have trouble wearing mattes well.

Favorite Drink

Beauty Skeptic Fall Favorites TAG - Favorite Drink

I really enjoy apple cider, but oddly I don’t actually drink very much of it. I’m particularly fond of these k-cups. They’re harder to find, now, for some reason. Add about a half tablespoon of sugar (they’re unsweetened), and win. For everyone curious about my Starbucks order, I will tell you it a) isn’t a damn PSL and b) I get the same thing year-round: Vanilla Bean Frappe with Peppermint. 1 shot for Tall and Grande, 2 in a Venti.

Favorite Blush


Now hiring! No, seriously, I need an Autumn blush. I thought I found one. I didn’t. Help!

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