TAG: My Husband Explains Makeup

My Husband Explains Makeup

Every now and then I’ll come across a fun tag (read: NOT 100 Layers of… whatever) and want to join the fun. I first came across it on Minimalist Makeup¬†and thought it could be a bit fun.

I’m grabbing a bit from here and there and adding my own questions.

My Husband Explains Makeup

“Can you name five makeup brands?”

  • Urban Decay – you like them and have a lot of their stuff.
  • Next, NARS – they have weird product names.
  • Maybelline
  • MAC
  • The independent one…you know, you watched a video about it. She was on YouTube then made her own company, uh… MakeupGeek!

“Give me a shady product name from NARS. Bonus points if you name more than one.”

“Orgasm. Orgasm…some more? (Super Orgasm)¬†There’s another shady one but I can’t remember.”

“What is BB Cream?”

“Well it can’t be made with little projectile pellets…so I’m going to say a cleanser or exfoliant with those little scrubby beads?”

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