Covergirl So Lashy blast PRO Mascara

If you’re reading from the US, I hope you had a most excellent Thanksgiving. I have not compiled some magnificent Cyber Monday guide for you simply because there really aren’t any mindblowing Cyber Monday deals for beauty items. That said, regardless of what you’re shopping for, you should do so with eBates and get cash back on your purchases. With 6-12% cash back at a boatload of stores and with as much money as people spend between last Wednesday and today…well, you’re throwing away money if you don’t. You can sign up for eBates for free HERE, and you get a $10 bonus for signing up with my link. I get a small bonus, too.

Covergirl So Lashy blast PRO mascara
I recently received a tube of Covergirl So Lashy blast PRO Mascara free for testing purposes courtesy Influenster as a part of their Flawless Voxbox campaign. Unfortunately, the rest of the box was just underwhelming and not worth blogging about (lightly salted snap peas trying to be chips because #healthfood, ‘relaxing epsom salts’ that were supposedly eucalyptus scented but instead reeked of cheap cologne, a tacky nailpolish that Kylie Jenner made, some unfortunate tasting Yogi tea…).

But this mascara was.

Covergirl So Lashy ($9) is the latest in Covergirl’s Lash Blast line and…holy gimmicky wand, Batman, this is nonsense. Clump Crusher ($6) was such a hit (I haven’t tried it, but it’s definitely had a long and passionate moment), and this is so…foolish.

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Suave Refresh and Revive Voxbox

Suave Refresh and Revive

Suave Refresh and Revive
First things first – I received Suave Refresh and Revive Dry Shampoo courtesy of Influenster. I don’t get compensation for writing this post. Anyone can join and qualify for Voxboxes – you receive free product provided you agree to review it.

Suave Refresh and Revive isn’t new to me. I’ve used it before in my quest for a holy grail dry shampoo, but it has been repackaged since I used it last. Honestly, I’m disappointed that I received it instead of one of the other Unilever dry shampoo offerings. My preference would be to try something new to me, but that’s just how things shook out.

Suave Refresh and Revice


The amount of product dispensed when the button atop Suave Refresh and Revive Dry Shampoo is pressed was not up-to-par. It under-performed in comparison with Psssst!, even less so compared to Batiste, and the least compared to KMS Hair Play. Due to this, application took longer than application of the other products did.


Fresh? No. Sweet. Why is everything so sweet?! Although it does certainly help mask any odors your hair may have picked up, this particular dry shampoo is VERY sweet, and VERY strong! The fragrance is not what I would describe as a fresh scent. Did not care for how it smelled, all in all.

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Influenster Violet Voxbox Review


Stand in awe at the outstanding quality of this photograph of the contents of the 2013 Violet Voxbox. I know. Listen, I was in a rush and foolishly got rid of the box before it occurred to me that I should take nice photos. I’ll be better next time! I received this products for free, courtesy of Influenster.

Influenster Violet Voxbox
Influenster Violet Voxbox

From Left: Soyjoy Banana / Goody Quikstyle / Sally Hansen Triple Shine in Reef Raf /
Goody Athletique Adjustable Yoga Wicking Headband

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Influenster Violet VoxBox Overview

I mentioned that I am involved with Influenster in a previous post. About a month or so ago,  after a longer-than-anticipated wait, I received their Violet VoxBox. This box was supposed to be part of their fall campaign but due to various delays out of their control, it came a little late. Amusingly, some Influensters were getting a little sassy on their Facebook page — as if they were paying customers and had been slighted because they weren’t getting their free products fast enough. Wow, much impatient. So entitlement. Wow. Anyway, here’s an overview of the Influenster Violet Voxbox.

influenster violet voxbox
Image courtesy of Influenster


As with many Voxboxes, it has a handful of items that ship to most recipients as well as a few that go out to a smaller selection. The following brands were represented by this box:

  • Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa – I am unfamiliar with this brand, but they seem to offer single-pack masks (like Freeman does). You can find some of their products here.
  • Goody Quickstyle – These quirky-looking hairbrushes have tufts of microfiber in between the bristles of the brush. The idea is that your hair dries faster during brushing since it behaves like a towel.
  • Goody Athletique – Somewhat stretchy, elastic fabric headbands that secure with velcro.
  • Sally Hansen Triple Shine – Another one of Sally Hansen’s polish offerings.
  • Soyjoy – From what I can tell, these are gluten-free soy snack bars. Amazon carries them.
  • Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry shampoo from the Not Your Mothers’s line, available in drugstores, mass merchants, possibly salons, and online.


Of the above, I received the following for free, compliments of Influenster:

  • A Goody Quickstyle Paddle brush
  • A Goody Athletique headband
  • Sally Hansen Triple Shine Polish in Reef Raf
  • A Soyjoy Banana bar

I actually already had a small, travel size can of Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo (henceforth abbreviated NYMCF Dry Shampoo because long name is long) that I picked up at Five Below when I was on a quest to find, “my,” dry shampoo. Admittedly, although this was by no stretch of the imagination a, “bad,” box (I am definitely not complaining!), I did not get much mileage out of it personally. But that’s okay, that’s part of the point – they want our opinions. Stay tuned, I will deliver!


Disclosure: With the exception of the dry shampoo, I received all of these products compliments of Influenster. I am not paid or otherwise compensated to share–my thoughts are my own. That said, some of the links in this post are affiliate links – this means I may get a very small percentage of the sale if you decide to buy something. I will only tell you something is awesome if I can vouch for it myself.

Influenster Invite Giveaway


I participate in Influenster, which is a free-to-join social marketing community. Basically, you request an invite from them which puts you on a wait list (or get one right away from someone who is already signed up). Once you’re in, you build your score by participating in community activities on the site as well as taking surveys to clarify your demographic, interests, and lifestyle, writing reviews for products listed, and linking your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc).

Eventually, provided you remain active and maintain a good score, you will be selected to participate in a campaign in which they send you a box (called a, “Voxbox,”) full of various products that you are expected to test out and review. Each campaign has activities associated with it, and there are other places on their site you can go write reviews. You’re also encouraged to share on your social media (it is a social marketing program, after all), YouTube (if that’s your thing), or your blog (if you have one). At the bottom of the post, I have information on how you can become a participant – I am hosting an Influenster Invite Giveaway!

Participants are not paid for their participation and you are never encouraged to leave dishonest reviews or hide the fact that you are an Influenster. They are not, “buying,” favorable reviews with free product. If you receive something, try it, and don’t like it – be honest about it! There are no penalties for not liking something and leaving a negative review on it. I just recommend being clear and coherent – list specific reasons why it didn’t wow you and/or why you wouldn’t recommend it to family and friends, not just, “I didn’t like that thing because it was stupid!

I wind up with a lot of beauty-related boxes, so look forward to that sort of thing. I should actually be receiving a new VoxBox soon – the Violet Voxbox – whose contents have only been hinted at, but not confirmed. I’m excited!

If you’re interested in joining the Influenster Nation, (edit: update) I have three (3) invites to give away! All you need to do is leave a comment – be sure to use a real e-mail address, as that is where the invite will be sent. Your email address will never be published or otherwise used for shady purposes.