PSA: MUJI Drawers Back on Sale

Last time MUJI did a sale, I snapped up a pair of 5-Drawer acrylic drawers.

I love them! I store my ENTIRE collection, including brushes but sans packaging too large to fit (like foundation or BB cream), in the two drawers. I can see everything, which means my products get used more often.

They’re back on sale!

The 5 drawer, two drawer, and open-top two-drawer, are on sale for $10. Due to their fragile nature, there’s an additional $4 handling, but… that’s nothing!

I’m considering getting a two-drawer to accommodate my foundation and items that are too large for the slim five-drawer openings.

PSA: MUJI Drawer Sale

Muji Drawer Sale

Looking for makeup storage? Many makeup lovers store their collection in MUJI Drawers. Conveniently, there is a MUJI Drawer Sale (now over) going on right now!

Normally $38 each, they’re on sale through October 16 for $10 or until they sell out (they will sell out sooner). Shipping isn’t the cheapest, but at almost 75% off, who cares?

Note: Acrylic items from MUJI do add an additional $4-per-item handling fee. That’s annoying in itself – just roll it into the price already.

I bought two sets for $28 total plus $7.95 shipping – my total was $35.95, which is less than the normal cost of ONE. Had I bought the third I was considering, it would have been $9.95 shipping.


I’m definitely pro-depotting when it comes to singles and duos, little things whose packaging takes up more space in your stash than it ought. I generally shy away from it for palettes, though. That said, something struck me a couple weeks ago and I decided it was time to reorganize my makeup storage/wannabe vanity. I got rid of the awkward brushroll that came with my Coastal Scents Elite Set because it wasn’t the best use of space for me (obviously the brushes stayed), played some Tetris, and decided I needed to pare down on the packaging where I could.

Too Faced Everything Nice (henceforth called TFEN) is fun, but frankly the packaging is huge considering its contents.

So I went at it with a nail implement I don’t use (not because there’s anything wrong with it, I just prefer other tools for the same tasks for which it is intended). Since TFEN is a cardboard palette, it was relatively easy to work with to pop the pans out; each pan is secured in its ‘well’ with some glue that comes up easily enough. I used a metal file to loosen around the outside edges of each metal pan, the slipped it under and slowly, gently (emphasis on those two!) pried upwards.

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