PSA: Influenster No Longer Invite-Only!

Great news today from Influenster! They just announced on Facebook that Influenster would not longer by Invite-only! This means more people can participate in the awesome social marketing community. Let’s be real – who doesn’t like the opportunity to try free product? Answers to surveys for what they call, “badges,” as well as community activity (leaving positive product reviews, etc) determine your access to campaigns. I haven’t been an Influenster for long, but both campaigns I have been selected for were beauty-related (woo!) – and the first one was a Mary Kay kit (which I plan to write about, even though that campaign is no longer active).


Be advised, though, this is not a program for free-loaders. Campaigns come with activities that must be completed in order to be considered for future Voxboxes or product testing. You are expected to provide your opinions of the products you receive – mostly on social media, but in person too, and you are encouraged to share the fact that you are an Influenster, and you are required to disclose that you received the stuff free (honesty is best, folks).

That said, invites still exist and Influensters can still invite friends – they still track referral sign-ups, and people who are inviting tend to be granted access to more Voxbox campaigns. I still have three invites, so leave a comment if you’re interested!

Influenster Invite Giveaway


I participate in Influenster, which is a free-to-join social marketing community. Basically, you request an invite from them which puts you on a wait list (or get one right away from someone who is already signed up). Once you’re in, you build your score by participating in community activities on the site as well as taking surveys to clarify your demographic, interests, and lifestyle, writing reviews for products listed, and linking your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc).

Eventually, provided you remain active and maintain a good score, you will be selected to participate in a campaign in which they send you a box (called a, “Voxbox,”) full of various products that you are expected to test out and review. Each campaign has activities associated with it, and there are other places on their site you can go write reviews. You’re also encouraged to share on your social media (it is a social marketing program, after all), YouTube (if that’s your thing), or your blog (if you have one). At the bottom of the post, I have information on how you can become a participant – I am hosting an Influenster Invite Giveaway!

Participants are not paid for their participation and you are never encouraged to leave dishonest reviews or hide the fact that you are an Influenster. They are not, “buying,” favorable reviews with free product. If you receive something, try it, and don’t like it – be honest about it! There are no penalties for not liking something and leaving a negative review on it. I just recommend being clear and coherent – list specific reasons why it didn’t wow you and/or why you wouldn’t recommend it to family and friends, not just, “I didn’t like that thing because it was stupid!

I wind up with a lot of beauty-related boxes, so look forward to that sort of thing. I should actually be receiving a new VoxBox soon – the Violet Voxbox – whose contents have only been hinted at, but not confirmed. I’m excited!

If you’re interested in joining the Influenster Nation, (edit: update) I have three (3) invites to give away! All you need to do is leave a comment – be sure to use a real e-mail address, as that is where the invite will be sent. Your email address will never be published or otherwise used for shady purposes.